Hillcrest acquired a new property for Hillcrest Academy and other ministries

Bill and Janice would like to thank everyone who attended their 50th anniversary celebration yesterday.

Last Wednesday, Hillcrest acquired a new property for Hillcrest Academy and eventually other ministries. It is located in East Palatka (formerly First Baptist Church). We are excited about the potential for growth in 2017-2018!

Today is our annual Mission Dignity Emphasis. There are about 1,800 retired Southern Baptist pastors, wives and widows who are supported through Guidestone funding. These men and women faithfully served God’s people and now find themselves struggling to meet basic needs.

Next Sunday has been designated as “Bring a Friend Sunday”.  So invite 5-10 people to come to church with you next week.

During the last business meeting it was decided to create a cleaning team (or pair of cleaning teams) to work on maintaining the cleanliness of our buildings. Today, there will be a brief meeting immediately after the morning worship to begin organizing. There is a sign up sheet for volunteers. And you can indicate the time that would best suit your schedule.

A search committee has been formed to seek a professional music minister. Wendell is planning to travel for several weeks and has chosen to retire as music leader.